November 16, 2008

Do-it-your-self: Arrospok!!

I did have small hangover today and I didnt feel to do anything serious...
So what could I do then.. hmm.. how 'bout my own Arrospok!

Hell yeah! ;)

All pics here

UPDATE: wheel is finnished! I'm amazed how straight it actually become.

(this whole build is mostly joke, but I got
working wheel, maybe I use it in some "barbike")


rogmaraton said...

Hey, can i be your first customer?
It really looks ubercool.

subtilen said...

hahahah! Now you are officially a hipster

trashcore said...

Hangovers bring good ideas sometimes..

KEKI said...

kind of cool,
thumbs up

subtilen said...

"I'm amazed how straight it actually become. " It's still not that straight in terms of sexual orientation.

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