November 16, 2008

The color is...

Just adding a couple of pics of the painted frame.
And a teaser of the wheels.
The rims are old 27 inchers, so when it comes to tyres
there's not really much to choose from.

More pics HERE...


AzuSuper said...

Looking good! Cannot wait to see it finnihed!

subtilen said...

That red with white rims is perfect. You need some more white parts, maybe seat?

Oh, nice tires BTW

trashcore said...

Looks smooth like that. Watch out with white seats though, they tend to get pretty dirty from sweat..

rogmaraton said...

What are you, mind readers or what?
I already have the white seat, but i was saving it for the pictures of the finished bike ;)
It's really hard to wait for the first ride.

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