November 17, 2008

my ride, my rog..

So when I got back from Spain, I brought with me an Iro hub. I then went to a small village around here where there lives a farmer. His buisness idea is brilliant. He goes around to all the dumps in western Slovenia and picks up radios, tvs, washingmachines and bicycles. He then stores that all over the place. From this farmer I picked up a blue rog. I don't know which kind, because all the stickers were long gone.. I got a pair of Czech favorit wheels(630/27") with it.

I then cleaned and stripped it and gathered up all the parts I wanted to keep, so what I had at that point was one rog frame with italian BB shell, sugino maxy cranks + chainring, rino's campa lookalike pedals with cages, 3ttt sadle and some unknown sadlepost, cinelli stem and cycloman handlebars. If anyone knows anything about that latest brand, please drop a comment.. I'm also still using the really old crappy Shimano sealed BB, for now. No point in changing before winter I think.

This is when the problems started gathering up.. My hub was 32holes and the old 27" rim was of course 36. So I had to get a new one and I thought about it long, and it just didn't make sense to hunt down a 32 holes 27" rim. It was just easier to follow standard, so I got a 28" one, which means I'm going againt the pursuit trend with a bigger frontwheel than backwheel..

Anyway, now it's all good and it rides very smoothly. I'm still not used to the frame, it has a 100
cm wheelbase, which is the smallest I had so far.. I haven't decided on any potential paintjob, I'm saving it for spring. Don't think I'll get trackdrops on it. Have to do something about the 170 cranks though, they kill me in roundabouts..

Photobucket slideshow of before and after photos can be found here.


rogmaraton said...

Yea, another Rog.
Rogs rules ;)

trashcore said...

yepp. frankenrog forever.. Or til I get my hands on one of those ukrainian monsters from the sovjet times..

AzuSuper said...

Hope you change 28 on front too. Does not look very nice like that.

AzuSuper said...

But other than that, congrats to get bike on road! Its one more rolling fixie in Slovenia! :)

trashcore said...

I'm hoping to get a new front wheel at some point.. But not right now. I'll put the 27" to the side for future geared road project. Right now I'm waiting to get a new pair of dustcaps for the pedals, since the old ones were old plastic and ofc exploded when I got them off. I also wrapped the handlebars in blue cork today. looks much better.

subtilen said...

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