November 20, 2008

Brownie's 1st pics

Looks like my rog will just make it to the 'opening party'.
Although i'm not sure if the weather will let us ride tomorrow.



AzuSuper said...

Looks like sweeet bike! Well done!
I like the color theme! Now just keep it clean! :)

subtilen said...

sick sick bike, nice surprise! I like custom painted white parts

AzuSuper said...

Will you get toe clips or drive whit brake? I was first driving whit flatties and brakeless... that is eh.. I dont wanna anyone to try it ;)

trashcore said...

it is so much easier with clips. For sure. Anyway, the bike looks awesome, congratulations and good luck withe the ride today!

rogmaraton said...

thanks guys it's really a nice feeling to be part of muslauf.
/to AzuSuper:/ no brakes of course.
The toe clips are at the chrome shop, hope to get them back next week.

Fury said...

Preeeehud bajk! debest!

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