November 21, 2008

Dons zvečer sešn? <-ride organisation post

Kdaj se dobimo, kje se dobimo, treba proslavit domeno


AzuSuper said...

If everything goes like I have been
planed I will be in Ljubljana 19.12->?
Some weeks anyways. If there is no too
cold at that time...

trashcore said...

My girlfriend has a doctors appointment the 4th of dec n I'm thinking about letting my frankenrog taste some city life. But that would be early in the morning probably. And don't forget the celebration beer tonight ;)

rogmaraton said...

I vote for a parking lot that has some lights somewhere in the črnuče area. We each have to bring two beers: one for tilen and one to drink ;) The one who posts next must decide the time :)

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