November 19, 2008

Helsinki wednesday trick sessions 19.11.2008

We did have again forums trick sessions.
It was already quite cold, maybe few degrees minus.. hrr.

This really nice small (47) Panasonic visited. Brilliant:

I got my rear "arrospok" ready just 30 min before. Gearing
is really crazy now 15-44 (18-53 would be same):



subtilen said...

Holy shit! Panasonic NJS keirin, nitto NJS Pro AA stem? Kashimax saddle? Velocity Deep-v rims? Dream bike! Where did he get that Panasonic frame, Its hard to get it in europe!

Your arrospokes are shinin' too!
Is it that cold you have to have a beard :) ?

AzuSuper said...

haha ;) Too cold.

Guy ordered that Panasonic directly from Japan. I think via Ebay (not sure)

trashcore said...

Nice one. I'm not a fan of the whole njs hysteria, but the bike looks great.. and your wheels looks alot more failsafe than the real deal..

On another note, where do you hang-out up there? On all the photos you post from finland it looks like one big industry zone. The building in the background of your SUV photo looks just like Chernobyl..

AzuSuper said...


Did you never hear about photoshop..
cause it actually is chernobyl there. ;)

But what coincidence, this place is power plant area too. Not nuclear trough. Its in center of Helsinki.

Other places are parking hall of Hellsinki IceHockey/fair center.

And seaside of old cable factory.

trashcore said...

I suspected that, but then again, you have lots of old sovjet technology up there..

Otherwise, great spots you got up there!

AzuSuper said...

That Panasonic in Velospace:

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