October 4, 2011

TOP SPEED report

1.st prize, Peter with 52 km/h


praying for the numbers to appear on the sign

fastest thing on the road that night, with 54 km/h by Rogmaraton

and at the end unofficial skid contest

Thanks to everyone!
photo: muslauf team


rogmaraton said...

super report!

tintini said...

kok fierce poze :D

tilen said...

če ima kdo še kakšne fotke z eventa, naj jih pošlje na muslauf@gmail.com da jih pokažemo svetu

maki said...

Oh noes, am on teh internetz :D

zakon report.

Sir Fix-a-Lot said...

Ha, lepa! Namesto bidona steklenica. :D

AzuSuper said...

Hey! Very cool events you seem to have there! I should take a a bike to plane and come visit you there :) Maybe in spring. Cool speed photos as well!


ps. if that Tomaselli hapens to come forsale I'm interested! ;)

Jan Martinek said...

Great photos and nice race I looking forward to the next session. thx

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