October 8, 2011

Bottecchia TT

My new Time Trial weapon! History about this bike is still a bit mystery for me. Anyway its high class racing bike from 80-90's. According the finnish flag it have been driven in international competitions. Frame is made out of Columbus Air tubing, seat post is original full aero shaped Columbus which came with tube set. Air tubeset was most aero and most expensive at the time. Parts of it are a bit mixture of Campagnolo and Miche. It came to me as converted to silly road bike with 700c/700c wheels, MTB stem, drop bars, cheap ass seat etc. I quicly change 650c front wheel and rest parts from my boxes, that I get it close to the original look.. I quess that originally it was fully equiped with Campa C-Record parts.


tilen said...


rogmaraton said...

want! want! WANT! how big is it? if you ever stumble upon a 58-59 size frame, remember that you have a certain customer in slovenia, hehe
Bottecchias are really hard to find.
Your's looks perfect.

Ercipan said...

Looking really nice!

TLS said...

do you maybe have any other photo of it, that could be an awesome website header here (1200x400px crop)

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