April 18, 2009

How is everyone today?

I'm pissed cuz I have to study on the nicest day this month. And I cannot find hole in my rear tube...wheel goes flat in few hours, cannot fixed it. I'll have to dump it into water or something but I have no time for things like that right now. New tube? naaah, have to take off wheel, I hate taking rear wheel off because of all these tensioners-chain tugs... with different allen keys. I'll pay a beer to someone who will fix my rear tire=)


trashcore said...

I know how you feel. I spent way to many sunny days studying boring semantics. And if you get your bike to postojna I'll fix your tire :) My record on a non fixed bike for fixing a flat is 4 min. Anyway, this 1975 docu by jörgen leth about ole ritter's one hour attempt might do you good: http://www.megavideo.com/?d=S2UZ48GL

subtilen said...

50km omfg

subtilen said...

holy shit, 5kg bike!

KEKI said...

some impressive stuff!

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