November 26, 2008

small updates..

Two small updates. New dustcaps from kms to keep the winter out of my pedals and the handlebar tape I wrote about earlier. What's next? Don't know.. Anybody got any tips what to check in Prague? Sorry about the sizes of the photos, photobucket is my enemy of the day..


AzuSuper said...

If you load pics straight from you computer you can choose their view size in uploading window! (small medium or big. but medium is ok)

trashcore said...

i did resize them, but they didn't change straight away so when I put the post together, one was huge and one was normal. Now they seem ok..

subtilen said...

I resized it. When editing, open "edit html" and you can resize them there.

nice pedals! They look like mks

trashcore said...

That explains it.. Thanks. The pedals are Rino, but they rip off the same campa model as mks, which is good for me..

subtilen said...

I didnt know you can buy dustcaps. I lost mine on campagnolo pedals few months ago.

trashcore said...

I didn't know that either, but I asked at the swedish forum and someone pointed me to the mks ones that you can get from the german site, the single-speed one. the problem for me was that it became ridicoulusly pricy to do a banktransfer to them with transport and stuff, so I got a Swe bike store to send them to me instead.
You can also get NOS Campa ones, but from the states: I think I also saw some golden campa ones somewhere when I was looking for someone willing to handle such a small order..

trashcore said...

sorry, wrong link. the last thing on this page is the ones I meant:

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