November 24, 2008



I needed new bike for my new arrospoks.
I was thinking that curvy frame would bring some
nice contrast for straight spokes. Huge inspiration
was old Raizin time trial frame.
So yesterday evening I went on garage and start
cut old ladies bikes and fit them on new shapes..
Front end I shortened from SCO bike I have.

Here is one pic whit photoshoped color. More pics HERE.

UPDATE: I made lotsa work today and bike became driveable!
I change some places in frame design to get better flow.
Many new pics on my website.


KEKI said...

Some nice curves there!

subtilen said...

You know me...I don't like curved frames. Exept your monofork yellow rog, that one is awesome.

trashcore said...

Too bad, you cant bend the headtube.. No, but really, your skills are amazing. I wouldn't have made it that bendy, but then again I can't weld at all.. how does it ride?

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