September 10, 2008

some pics floating around

I guess some of you might have seen these since I stole them from other blogs,
but I'll post them anyway..
I love these allen wrenches. It would break my heart to use them if I had them.
But still. I want them so much.

And a nice frame and after that the sadle that will make all guys were bike shorts..


subtilen said...

Top 5 gay list:

1. twisted frame from second pics
2. batman seat from third pic
3. rainbow wrenches
4. getting raped by gay male monkey
5. getting six dicks in your but, swallowing 2 dicks at the same time and listening to linking park while doing that

trashcore said...

That seat is more s/m than gay, I seriously can't imagine who the fuck would use that..
But the raindow Allens, I want them I really do. Power puff girls goes mechanic.. But then again, tastes are like assholes, everybody has one.
BTW, from where do you get you knowledge of gay things? :)

AzuSuper said...


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