September 9, 2008

fixed pony rip

So far this blog have seen a few popped tires, but I think this is a first time here:

I told you the frame felt unstable.. Yesterday I fixed the handlebar so it was really tight on and
took it for ride, did some skidding and felt the ground come closer every time. I'm just glad I
discovered this before taking it down a hill or something.


AzuSuper said...

Thats typical on those frames, they are quite crappy. Especially that foldable, you ofter see them fixed whit some extra metal bars&weds. I broke my regular pony under frame next to pedals... same way.

subtilen said...

aww thats bad. First broken fixed gear in slovenia since muslauf blog.

trashcore said...

Well. Small comfort being the first with that.. The salt in the wound, is that earlier yesterday I saw a completly stripped blue pony frame next to a dumpster and I thought, well, maybe I should just take this one and move everything over to it.
But I didn't because I'm going to spain/portugal in a few days. Today I went there and of course it was gone. That is worse than actualy breaking the frame...

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