May 8, 2011

Private alleycat expedition

With a week's delay here's the report from the expedition
to our first ever alleycat race: The Private Alleycat

Our four bikes (yes, 4) in the back of tintini's Kangoo.

We were among the first riders that arrived at the start.

An hour later the starting venue was full of bike porn
worthy bikes. Before the start we were asked to park
our bikes by the wall on one side of the street and to
put our "cullo"[butt] on the wall on the other side of the

The start:

After the "go" was screamed everybody ran to their bikes,
opened the maps and started to search for all the
checkpoints scattered around the city.

At first the street was quite full.

Later when the street was almost empty ...

... we were still searching ;]

Eventually we found all the checkpoints on the map and
begun our two and a half our "thriller" ride in Milano's
rush hour traffic.

In the end we missed one extra checkpoint because we
misunderstood the instructions we were given.
Anyway, we weren't there to take any places but to
compete and I think we did that ok.

The free ice-cold beer (actually 6 of them) in front of
Dodici shop was the best prize we could ever get.

Next day we did some sundaymusriding around Milano.

more pics on flickr


tintini said...

random tourist photo - win :)

tilen said...

looks like amazing trip

Ariborne said...

fun fun fun

Erca said...


tilen said...

ojoj fotke na flickrju, noro

tilen said...

kok % folka ni imel brkov?

rogmaraton said...

(tina, andreja pa aleš)%, hehe

Sir Fix-a-Lot said...

Hahaha, za nama štartali samo dislektiki. ;)

sveti jebem said...

A je pršu kdo z zložljivim bajkom in mesečko za podzemno... sicer grem nasledn let z vami. Na zmago.

Fury said...

congratulations!! Nice report!

tintini said...

pa še yashica

Sir Fix-a-Lot said...

28- Irreversible by day.

Fury said...

prvi kadr, prva v vrsti!!

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