March 6, 2011

Snapshots from London

While I was in London I visited 14 Bike Co.
It was a little hard to find, but definitely worth it.

John at the shop was extremely friendly and after we chated for a bit,
we went to see Mr. Ted James at his workshop.
For all of you who don't know who SuperTed is: He's best known for
designing and making their ESB bikes.

Ted showed me his workshop and explained me how he makes
his own rigs for just about everything on the bike.
He even let me try out his bike. Thanks Ted.
We then went back to the shop where I bought a t-shirt and
got another one as a gift.
Thanks John.


Sir Fix-a-Lot said...

What about Rapha shop? :D

Fury said...

nism niti vedu da si šu v London!?
Kdaj si pa bil?

rogmaraton said...

I went to Condor shop(pic) to droll a little, but I think they had higher prices than Rapha has on their webshop, so after drolling a bit more, I left.

rogmaraton said...

@Fury: prejšnji teden v torek tja in v petek nazaj

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