November 13, 2010

Jopo Track


I started new project. Its called Jopo Track. Jopo is a Finnish version of Pony. They
manufactured this original type between years 1965-75. There were plenty of different
models like: Jopo Mobil, BigJopo, Jopo Matic, Jopo Tour, Jopo Rodeo and so on... But
no Jopo Track ofcourse.

Here's original with 22" wheels:

And here's my conversion. Geometry is close copy of Bianchi Pista.

There is couple of more pics in my site.


tilen said...


Nejc said...

I want one

rogmaraton said...

Supersick!!! How are you going to patch the "geometry changing cuts"? I think it would look killer with drops.

sveti jebem said...


Nejc said...

front aerospoke?

AzuSuper said...

Hey, thanks!

To put frame back together needs just some normal sheet metal work. My welding gas bottle is in refill, so I havent been able to continue with it. Meanwhile I have been ordering missing details from Ebay. Now everything should be on their way: grips, chain ring, cog, chains, seatpost, headset and toe straps.

muslauf said...

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