August 16, 2010

Tour de Kranj

Yesterday I decided to go pay a visit to the Kranj Velodrome.
I started from Ljubljana around 16:30 and an hour later I arrived to Kranj.

The velodrome was empty, except for a little girl with her pink bike "racing" around.

I made a couple of laps and then headed back to Ljubljana.
Hopefully next time we'll get there in a greater number.

Edit - just to make tina happy :)

Here she is, after she beat me in a three laps sprint.


tina očalarka said...

..where`s that girl and the pink bike.. :)

tilen said...

s tem da je šu aleš z muslaufom tour de Piran en teden nazaj pa ni nč reku

rogmaraton said...

next mission: Češča vas, NM.

Sir Fix-a-Lot said...


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