August 27, 2010

"Fixie is a crime!"

The statement was shouted at us yesterday by a random passenger.
We all laughed about it for the whole evening.
But today it stroke me: He is right! It is a crime to call a muslauf* bike »a fixie«.

I know this debate is old but it's obviously not yet done with.
Why would anybody even call a fixed gear bike »a fixie«, you don't call a freewheel bike »a freely«, do you?
In Slovenia we are terribly lucky to have a word that means just that, there are no double meanings.
We call it muslauf.

So, random passenger, I would like to say that I totally agree with you: »Fixie« is a crime!

*- múslauf – old-slovenian germanism for bikes with fixed gear drive


Fury said...


franz said...

Big picture!

firlefranz call's it muslauf from now on.

greetings from
gradec, Štajerska

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