June 27, 2010

Off with your head (-tube)

Nip/Tuck-ian moment

Precision cutting

Ready for welding



tina očalarka said...

a rabš garažo?

rogmaraton said...

ne k ne bom sam varil, ampak hvala vseen

AzuSuper said...

Looking very nice! Did you change the angle a lot?

rogmaraton said...

I think it was 66 or 68 deg., now it's gonna be 75.

AzuSuper said...

Cool! It will be sure like other bike to drive!

rogmaraton said...

Hope it won't change the toe clearance a lot.

rogmaraton said...

Today is the welding day. Fingers crossed.

sveti jebem said...

How is it going / how it went?
I wander what colour will be the sanded part...flames, verlauf?

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