February 9, 2010

No Weather What Lauf - report

... more commonly known as NWWL is the traditional season opening event of Muslauf crew.
Ok it's not traditional yet, 'cause this was the first time we held it, but hopefully it will become.
There was not much riding this year, because of the cold.
Here are some pics:

bikes locked


trick of the night

ride home

The whole story in pics here.

This year season opening result:
We definitely got our asses kicked by the winter.


tina said...

well,.. I like the food part :)

Urša said...

ker softić je pa jedu palačinke?

rogmaraton said...

to sm bil pa jst, sej sm naročil tudi brezalkoholni koktail z dežničkom, sam ga niso mel...

maki said...

OMG na prvi fotki je moj clio :D

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