January 13, 2010

Rare item part 2

Hey, here is this "fixy killer" 18 speed rear hub.


sveti jebem said...

Where do you find such (rare) things?

subtilen said...

so theres 3 speed in-hub derailer, I had one of these on holand bike, they are bulletproof.

AzuSuper said...

to SJ: Hmm... I keep my eyes open and when you once start to collect some s**t, you will get it, even without searching. Like this wheel I got from my friend, who keep it because he tought that I might be interested.

to S: Yep, it has 3 internal gears. I heard that these hubs are also existing with 8 and even 9 sprokets!

ps. this hub used to be front wheel of hand-pedal-wheel chair.

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