January 6, 2010

Pripyat fixed

Today in Helsinki there were organized 'Wool Ride' for fixies.

Yesterday I realized that I dont have anymore any bike to drive in snow.
I needed to get fat tires on something... No luck, no bike didnt accept bigger
tyres. What to do? A new bike? What, in 6hours (clock was 18.00). From
my backyard, under snow I found pile of super rotten frames from 30-40's.
They all were so rotten that pieces fell off! Pripyats frame is made out of 3 different
frames, fork is from Victoria which I believe is from WW2 era. For wheels I used
"motomag" and "fourspoke" with tires I found from my backyard too. Front tire is
groovy green GoodYear made in Indonesia from year X. Pripyat was ready for
test drive at 23.30, after 40meter test run I went to sleep. Today it worked fine
all 10kilometer Ride! Fun! :)

More Pics


sveti jebem said...

Uf, that is extremely fast, and you even took time to make photos... unbelievable!

Nice bike! The rims are great... four-spoke is awesome, what kind/material of "spokes" and rim do you use?

subtilen said...

greeeeeeeen tire!!!!omgomg it looks like patina

rogmaraton said...

Sick build. Tight clearances and wishbone seatstays, just crazy...

Oh and another thing: Is "backyard" a finnish word for "bike museum" or something? =)

AzuSuper said...


yeah, bike became quite tight. It has more than a 10cm toe overlap!

here is riding pic:

I have quite much of material collected on my backyard, there they are laying in snow. Mostly just junk bikes. All proper stuff is inside :)

rogmaraton said...

Ha, I had to google "pripyat" to really get the concept... I guess better later, than never, hehe

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