January 7, 2010


Mmmmmm... Concor :) Just got it.


rogmaraton said...
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rogmaraton said...

Cool, I got one from my "father in law" a couple of weeks ago, but it's pretty busted.
Yours is in mint condition. Where did you find it?

AzuSuper said...

Hey, cool! I like that mocca version more but this shiny leather lasts longer. From my seat there is those letters a bit worn out, but other than that its very nice. I put 'wanted' add on Finnish forum. I think its one of the most pretty saddles. I dont know how it work but guy, who sold it said that "it didnt fit at all on my ass" :D

subtilen said...

I thing there's one on Morten's bike, but he doesn't know that this seat is legendary =)

subtilen said...

For me, its one of the nicest seat, but its a bit on the stiff side

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