December 19, 2009


I got some vintage Ishiwata lugged road frames. They are very big (61-63). Thats good
cause I will put them on pieces and use them as frame building material.


rogmaraton said...

Huh. Where did you find them? Was there a warehouse sale or something like that?

subtilen said...

how much did you pay for all frames?

AzuSuper said...


the frames are made by Ishiwata Japan. Finnish bicycle manufacturer Nopsa was using them in their best bicycles back on the days. One of these frames is having Nopsa stickers on it. I bought them from one bicycle repair shop. They were cheap... 8,3euros each.

rogmaraton said...

8 euro? That's a cost of an inner tube. Great buy!

subtilen said...

congrats on great buy! Are they cro-mo?

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