October 16, 2009

Making of Rog maraton LUXUS +update

google translator: slovene » anglish: Horn Trees Marathon

kitsch alert!
kitsch alert!
kitsch alert!
kitsch alert!
kitsch alert!
kitsch alert!


It all started like this:

stripped naked (looks good, huh):

...so after stripping some parts like rear triangle bridge, making hole in frame, welding it back, making even bigger hole in frame, fixing that hole while almost destroying frame, frame was up in line for new paint:

ok after new skin, the wheelset was painful, orange rattlecan paint refused to stay on the rim...twice:

owner telling his rim to go fuck itself:

-Waiting for that particular 36h rim to arrive...5 weeks
-Taking unusable paint off rim after damaged it a little with sand paper...1 hour and some Paint stripper
-Realizing the guy from germany accidentally sent 32h hub after already buying spokes and rim...PRICELESS

Having a brake in Rog:

OMG new parts! Miche hubbage , ouryzzz, cheapest rim

To be able to build front rim we have to cut every spoke for 2mm:

Everything went wrong, we have to grind handlebar too to get it in small hole of old stem.
But we are almost there...only grips are missing:

For the big finish, the before-after photo is missing, I'll do it tomorrow on the same place as first photo of original Rogmaraton luxus.

People that helped with that project: owner (nejc), subtilen for hints and parts, rogmaraton for painting and welding, svetijebem for welding, keki for painting, morten for parts.


rogmaraton said...

now, that I have seen the bike in person yesterday, it's official: My rog maraton has lost the title of best rog maraton in the muslauf category. Now it belongs to rog maraton LUXUS. Congrats nejc.
smrk,smrk... hehe

Fury said...

lookin good!
Kje pa je ta nadvse romantičn parkc?

tina said...

like it.... no, končn ena balanca k je men ušeč :)

Jaka Muda said...

Nice tyres!

Fury said...

kje d fak ste to bli?!

subtilen said...

ne delč...rimc

sveti jebem said...

You forgot to mention my contribution to this Random Gray paint.

subtilen said...

tnx tarman for random graynage, its a nice color

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