July 16, 2009

Mus-meeting Friday 16.7. Bikofe 19.00h

Distress signal for all muslaufers in slovenia...we met on friday in bikofe pub (location ).


Calling Jernej with double dodici rims, Jello aus Kranj, that guy with bianchi pista from vienna, svetijebem with mother's bike, Morten with damaged shoulder and a crutch, all mus-team...
You mus-be there!

see you


subtilen said...

I'll be htere

KEKI said...

me too

sveti jebem said...

Ja, ich komme.

Other thing: Jello and his friend will come from Kranj to Ljubljana on fixies to donate blood. They will be free at 9 AM.
It would be wery nice to greet them in front of hospital.

rogmaraton said...

Count me in for the meeting, as for the greeting, I won't be able to make it (I'm working)

Morten said...

Je zmejnenu. Zastopiš!

Fury said...

Cool flyer man!!!

trashcore said...

I won't make it. Too short notice for my schedule.

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