June 16, 2009

Some new frames!

I got some new frames, old 80's Rossin Chibli and old CCCP made Украина (=Ukraina).
This Ukraina bike I have complete, not just frame. Here is pic of Rossin when it used
to be a bike.


jello said...

Nice, tubes look like colnago wannabe.

Got new frame too at local bike store and its now prepared to be sanded and painted. (third fixie project).

Some picks: http://johann.moj-album.com/album/16077985/?os=16077987

Offtopic: Kje nabavljate opremo (najbolj nujno rabim gonilke)? Mogoče kaj ugodnejšega od singlespeedshop.de.

sveti jebem said...

What do you intend to do with this frames?
We can get a rather big place in Rog factory in Ljubljana. There are some problems with electricity and it has to be cleaned up, but it is for free! We can start a busines.
Jello and I would like to know, where do you buy handlebars, rims, cranks and such? He needs cranks I am looking for front drum brake like you have on SUV I am bulding something similar except for those to heavy tyres :)

Jello! I am trying to find most of it on bolha and bike forums to get the lowest prices, but some pieces are just impossibe to find. Fixed hub for example.

trashcore said...

Rather than starting a store straight up, it would perhaps be smarter to order a bunch of stuff for people that might wanna do conversion. like some wheelsets, cranks, cages, straps. Those kinda things. at least untill there is a bigger market..

sveti jebem said...

I am about to make some purchases from bike-mailorder or wiggli or both... So let me know, we can buy together and avoid paying shipment.

rogmaraton said...

If you'll be ordering from wiggle let me know, I kinda' have some parts I'd like to get from there...

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