May 12, 2009

Muslauf team member just won a race

...It was a cca 8km race against gianni on a motorbike and svetijebem on a mtb.
Member Subtilen won the race and was awarded with 1 beer.

Race was from Domina hotel to Bikofe bar.

It was really tight race, all 3 competitors finished in a 30 seconds gap.
All respect for Svetijebem on mtb bike to be that close.
And all respect for Gianni that his motorbike was working all the way.

The winner(subtilen), member of muslauf blog, was riding Bianchi pista steel fixed gear bike with drop bars with 50-18 gear ratio.



trashcore said...

Congrats then I guess.. I was off watching the sprint finish in trst. What a circus.. Speakin of competitions, anybody contacted KK sava - Kranj?

sveti jebem said...

Beware, MTB is formidable opponent, Morten challenged sveti jebem to race to Orto bar and lost.

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