May 1, 2009


Now we really have to shoot the movie, the posters are already out :)


sveti jebem said...

Where in this movie do I appear?

subtilen said...

You will act as bypassing monk, telling everyone how gay gearless bikes are.

sveti jebem said...

I hoped you will help me build a full-suspension MTF ... I know a frame for the job (1999 Gary Fisher Level Betty) it has crank-set on the swing-arm, only dropouts can be a problem. Mountain fixie could be the next biggest hit, it would be even more dangerous and completely useless. I can contribute tires for MTF, 2.6 and 2.3 DH Nokian and heavy duty tubes. I finally bought new tyres, it feels like changing whole bike.

subtilen said...

lot of ppl rides mtb fixed gear

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