January 12, 2009

I'm just testing...

...some live chat rooms on our site at the bottom of the page...we'll see which one is better, and which one is without advertizing.

so write some crap for test purpose

-refresh button is on top right


PS I added some links at the bottom! add some more if you know someone!


rogmaraton said...

The chatroom obviously works, I already managed to ban myself from the site;)
Will it be on the bottom?

subtilen said...

I think bottom is good place, because news are on the top...and its easy to find. just press key "end" on keyboard:)

rogmaraton said...

u thanks I didn't know I had the 'end' key till now :)

AzuSuper said...

Yeah, and whit "Home" button you get up again! Like a elevator, how much fun is that! ;)

rogmaraton said...

Ok, thank you. Now I really feel like a 3-year old exploring the keyboard ;)

subtilen said...

just don't get a mac and you'll have a lot of extra keys

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