December 31, 2008

things are happening in slovenia

I see a change. First this ride shows up on Bolha:

And then I see a new category of bikes for sale at Bike Center. I know it's empty, but hey. It's something.
And on a different note, happy new year!


rogmaraton said...

Looks nice, although i'm not realy a fan of curved frames.
On their site,
under show room they have some pics of glowing rims or are they sidewals of tires?

trashcore said...

To be honest, I don't like it either, it looks like it went into a wall and the top tube folded.. I like the rear triangle though.

How about getting some competions going 09?

subtilen said...

Abici's are way overpriced.
I checked photo and I think there's glowing tire sidewall., but i'm not sure, it looks interesting

rogmaraton said...

Competitions? Did anybody say competitions? I'm in!
No, seriously what kind of competitions did you mean trashcore?

AzuSuper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AzuSuper said...

That frame is odd.. It does not look
good. It looks like it was not meant
to be like that, looks that its crashed.
Italian design...

subtilen said...

abici is "designer wannabe" commertial company with "retro look" bicycles with weak parts and weak performance. You can buy them at "flat" shop Fixie wannabe bike costs 800eur, with cheap shimano parts.

trashcore said...

you could tell that already from the photo I posted, just check the pedals.. I think this is a trend we'll see more of. Art/design school bikes built by people who don't really know the first thing about bikes..

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