December 20, 2008


Today, Belinka velodrome, anyone ?


trashcore said...

If i'd be in town I would, but someone needs to write my term paper..

subtilen said...

My bike is under construction :(

rogmaraton said...

Cool. We are waiting for some "constuction" pics...

AzuSuper said...

I could come if I would read this
earlier today.. I need to pump some
air on Rog's tyres tomorrow and try
how weird it feels after so long time.

rogmaraton said...

We should have a 'Fast Sunday' tomorrow or however we shall call it. Session, somewhere?

AzuSuper said...

I can come, what time? Before dark?
I dont know where this Belinka is
located. I'm in Siska.


rogmaraton said...

It would be nice if we could organise this in like half hour. Keki and i are going to Črnuče in like half hour. I suggest you contact tilen and then we'll arrange a place to meet.

AzuSuper said...

I could leave soon, if you are not in
net anymore I contact Tilen soon.
You can send sms to me:
+358 four zero 7304005

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