December 11, 2008


Yo, I'm Martin and this is my frame.

Thanks Tilen for prelude, and for this bike.

You see this is my 4th bike from spring to this day.
The first was to old, around 70 years and out of standards.
The second was to small, don't know what I was thinking.
The third was to nice for transformation to fixie.
But Tilen had a nice
singlespeed bike, that he
wasn't riding it
, for safety reasons (forgot using hand brakes).

So, I harassed him for some months to sell me his
Olympia and eventually he did.

The score is not bad.
Three neglected bikes in garage
and one bitchin' looking soon to be fixie.

For more pics made by Tilen click HERE


rogmaraton said...

Welcome new member.
It's really a bitchin' looking frame you got there. Hope you'll keep the color scheme (yellow and chrome) cause it's a nice combination.

subtilen said...

ow (airhorn sound)

AzuSuper said...

Looks great, I like yellow/chrome a lot! Nice pics you made Tilen! See you soon! -Olli

trashcore said...

Great looking frame. good luck with the conversion!

KEKI said...

it's really beautiful frame!
hope to see it on the street soon.

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