November 8, 2008

SUV is ready!

I get my winter ride together yesterday! Here is first photos, enjoy! :)



trashcore said...

That came out nice! Now all we want is some ice skidding..

subtilen said...

I'll sooo like to try that. Looks really awesome! Keep tire pressure low, I think around 1- 1,5 bar should be really soft and grippy feeling

subtilen said...

umm, is that chalkboard/tabletennis paint?

AzuSuper said...

I first sand plast it and then I
paint it whit green powder coat.
This paint was too 70's green.
So I bought one, more dark green
spray can and "frosen ice" clear
coat (matt lack).

sveti jebem said...

Nice break in front.

rogmaraton said...

Wow! Really an outstanding bike. Can't wait for some snow pics of it. Hope you gonna post some.

KEKI said...

Very nice! I can imagine the sound this tires make at high speed :)

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