November 10, 2008

New hub for Rog

I get tired of that welded hub what I have in my Rog.
That bike should get something more quality. So now it does,
I just bought this old 36holes 50's Phillips NOS Fix-Fix flip flop
hub and 2 cogs in sizes 18 and 19 tooth. Hub and (ofcourse) threads
are steel what makes that hub really strong. I dont know yet will I keep
both cogs attached on hub. I think I will also get a rid of that
snowflake spoking in bolth wheels. I can make some barhipster bike around
of that old hub of rogs.


trashcore said...

That is one sweet-looking hub! Which size do you have on the chainring? And unless there are some sort of weakness in the snowflakes I think you should keep them. I think they fit greatly with your rog.

AzuSuper said...

Hey, I have 46-18 gearing on it at the moment. I'm also looking if I
found better crack for it. I will think about the spoking.

subtilen said...

Where do you get this stuff. That hubs looks like new. Is that valve for oil??

AzuSuper said...

Its new, or actually old but never used. (NOS= New Old Stock) I found it from one bicycle work shop near me. Yes there is valve where you can put some grease in. I actually have 2 of these, another one is in BigFoot.

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