October 18, 2008

some pics from Basque country

I uploaded some pics from the trip to Iberia. So far only from Donostia/San Sebastian.. No fixies but a BMX with great graphics some road racers, a Hello Kitty bike, a statue and these two that kinda demands some explanation..

First, it was the 56th annual filmfestival, so everybody stopped by to check out celebrities(note the lack of tanline):

Our friend we stayed with hooked us up with a re-built garage. Really cool place. The whole family stored there bikes there, including our friend. If you look in the back, you'll see a crappy old mtb. He bought that in Romania and used it to travel back hom to Basque country:

The rest of the photos from Euskadi can be found here. Stay tuned for photos from BCN and from Critical Mass in Madrid.

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