October 26, 2008

Muslauf's next victim

Hi, i'm jernej from ljubljana. First i would like to thank Keki for informing me about the fixedgear scene
and Subtilen for sending me the invitation to muslauf.
I bought this bike a couple of weeks ago and since then i stripped it down, removed the old paint,
modified the dropouts and ordered some parts for it. Now it's in the process of painting.
More pics and/or info soon...

P.S.: I think there's no need for me to specify the make and model of the bike (see my nick)


AzuSuper said...


Cool, second Rog fixie in Slovenia! (there is one Croatian Rog in FGG)
Crank and front sprocket system
looks interesting.. I like the original color. Next spring Ljubljana will be so full of Fixies ;)

subtilen said...

Welcome!!!!!! Pozdrav novemu članu! Spedenaj stroj čimprej da gremo kkšno skupno furo! Imam nekaj komponent odveč za fiksača(razne zobnike) tako da mi kar povej kaj boš potreboval.

"Next spring Ljubljana will be so full of Fixies ;)"

I hope!

trashcore said...


I'm also working on a rog. A blue one.. But I'm just to lazy/busy to make a post about it.

Which color will it be?

trashcore said...

And also, how is it going with the other lj fixies? Any news?

AzuSuper said...

My YelloRog is sleeping in Siska ;)

rogmaraton said...

I'm feeling very welcome today, thanks guys.
/to subtilen/:Zaenkrat imam v bistvu vse dele, ampak če bom kaj potreboval, se oglasim, hvala. Fura pa itak, upam da pred prvim snegom.
/to trashcore/: It's gonna be...
... drumroll... a brownie. Keki said that the color is a mix of african-american skin and red wine. Looking at the color, I realy can't come up with a better description ;)

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