September 28, 2008

SUV aka Bigfoot aka WinterFixi

Hey, my latest build is on wheels.
We used to have lotsa snow in winters here in Finland.
So I hope there will be some again this year, that i can really use this one :)
Frame is completely remade. Rims are Rigida 80mm and tyres 24x3 Nokian
Gazzaloddis. Rear hub is NOS steel Fix-Fix and front one is alloy drum brake one.



subtilen said...

Holy shit, that's awesome!!!!

Where did you get this rim, did you made it?

Really really cool bike! Is it possible to skid, those nokian tires should be grippy as hell.

AzuSuper said...

Hey, thanks!

Rim is 80mm Rigida:

I just drive few hundred meter and tried skiding on sand road, seems to work :D. Gearing is 52-23 at the moment.

subtilen said...

Sick sick bike, I know those nokian tires, they are really good. What's with drum brake? I dont see no cables?

AzuSuper said...

Bike is not ready yet, so there is no cable or handle yet. Today I was finishing frame and changed ratio for 46-23. Now it feels really cool!
Sidding works great, but its most fun in sand. I also tried it on soft sand, fun! Just fun!

trashcore said...


That´s a monster of a bike. Looking forward to snow photos.. Also, great old saddle.

KEKI said...

Really crazy looking bike.

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