September 12, 2008


So, in a few hours I'm off to Spain/Portugal for some vacation. I already have some tips on what to
check out in Barecelona and Madrid, but I'm looking for more. If anyone knows any cool shops or
other stuff that's interesting. Drop a comment. If I get some good flicks there might be a photo
report when I get back.

And as bonus, here are two links to photos of FG riders in my old town, Malmö. During a very wet
and during a day trip to cycling mecca Copenhagen.

See you in October.


subtilen said...

Keep posting when you will be there! There are some nice fixed scene in madrid, check we met some guys from madrid here in ljubljana and they told they know fixed scene there, one was riding fixed.

trashcore said...

Yeah I was planning to contact them about their flipflop hub I'm also gonna send a mail to or whatever they are called in Barcelona. The spanish cities had lots of nice bikes, didn't spot a fixie yet, but some nicely colored bmxs and old racers.. Here Lisboa, no one rides a bike...

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