September 16, 2008

Group order topic

We should use this topic and comments for group order. Keki, Morten, and maybe me(tilen), anybody else? Fury will get his stuff from milano, he'll leave slovenia soon.

So post comments here.

Website is or hubjub . hubjub has few cheaper parts but shipping cost is more, so its the same. I was ordering from singlespeedshop, but I was talking to both guys.

cheers, tilen (with other google account)


KEKI said...

my order would be:

anyone else?

KEKI said...

come on!
can't wait any longer..
making my order tomorow..

subtilen said...

Sem reku martinu, bo naredu nek spisek pa ga bo dau sm gor, da bomo vidl kok gramov pride

subtilen said...

we should order in few days...martin has list with stuff already

subtilen said...

Martin me je lih klicu da ne bo še naroču. Da bo še mal razmislu, pa da bo kasnej sam naroču. Tko da pomoje najbolš da kr kontaktiraš Kent-a če ma use dele pa to.

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