August 20, 2008

Fast friday, Settle fixed gear scene documentary


AzuSuper said...

This looks like good movie too!
(good music also)

subtilen said...

and I got pirate copy of MASH SF, I can land you, what about group buying of some of that dvds, to support artist and suff

subtilen said...

just watched PIST BIKE TRAILER "TRICK HEADS" some real stuff, none of that fake fashion shit, real good

Gandalf said...

MASH was ok, a bit to much of tight jeans for me though. I can recommend Red Light Go. I remember it as being good, but it was a while ago since I saw it. And ofc Pedal and Lucas Brunelle's videos, but that's kind of common knowledge.

Gandalf said...

Anybody going to the Bicycle film festival when it hits Europe this October? I almost went a few years back when it was in Milano, but I didn't manage at the time. Maybe this year I'll manage to drag my ass to Vienna..
And Fast Friday, don't know what I think, I'll judge it when it makes it way into the torrent world.

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