March 14, 2011

Finally uploaded first photos of my fixie on these blog.


sveti jebem said...

Nice colour! Why does it have the brake on rear wheel?

tilen said...


Ariborne said...

The break is on cuz I'm not always riding with fixed rear hub, so it is the only way to stop. And when I do, it's just for safety in case the chain falls down :)

Yeah, the color is nice, but not exactly what i wanted... I just recently got a new frame, so i'll try to do better paint job there.

rogmaraton said...

Cool looking bike. What make is it?

Fury said...


embrace said...

A prov vidm, da so to od Csepel-a feltne :)

Ariborne said...

Rogmaraton* I dont have a clue. I got the frame for free and there is no sign what make is it.

Embrace* jup, prov vidš :)

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